Virtual Assistant Services 

Designed for Professionals in Private Practice.

Meet Jessica

Hello and welcome to Micro Manage! I am Jessica, a Licensed Bachelor of Social Work with seven years of experience in the field. I am located in Southern Alabama. I have loved being able to use my career to be a light in my community.  My goal is to become a Licensed Master of Social Work, and to pursue owning my own private practice and continue to serve and strengthen my community through therapy.   

While I love working in roles at a community level, I became passionate about the idea of helping private practices with day-to-day tasks that take time away from one on one client care. As with many helping professions, the passion we pour into our fellow humans can drain our emotions and tire our brains. The detailed case notes required and many administrative tasks can take time away from what we love, providing service to our communities. After some pitching and input from fellow colleagues, Micro-Manage was born to assist mental health professionals looking to grow by outsourcing the tasks that burn us out and creating space to do what we love, HELP AND HEAL.

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